New Madrid Online Transaction: Limitation of Goods and Services

November 9, 2020

Users of the Madrid System will now be able to submit their requests for the recording of a limitation online, via the WIPO IP Portal.

This service allows users to restrict the list of goods and services for some or all of the designated Contracting Parties (countries/regions) in their international registration.

This electronic version of the MM6 form can now be performed entirely online and follows a step-by-step process. Once completed, users are able to pay their fees and submit their request online.


  • Detailed and up-to-date information on the international registration (international registration number, holder and representative details, list of eligible designated Contracting Parties, list of goods & services)
  • Display, modification and removal of part of a class or an entire class
  • Built-in checks every step of the way
  • Online payment
  • Automatic confirmation email sent to the payer enclosing:
    • the details of the limitation,
    • the WIPO reference number associated to the request and
    • the transaction number of the payment

How does it work?

  1. Access the limitation of goods and services through the WIPO IP Portal Menu.
  2. Log in with your WIPO Account.
  3. Enter the international registration number for which you would like to request the recording of a limitation.
  4. Select the designated Contracting Parties to which the limitation will apply.
  5. Indicate the class(es) you wish to limit (all or some only of the goods and services covered by the international registration).
  6. Sign electronically.
  7. Pay the due fees online, using a Current Account at WIPO or a credit card.
  8. Receive your confirmation and a WIPO reference number by email.

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