Members of the Madrid Union

The Madrid Union is made up of Contracting Parties to the Madrid Protocol.

The office of the Contracting Party in which you apply for or register your basic mark is referred to as the "Office of Origin". In your international application, you can select Contracting Parties in which you’d like to protect your mark, or you can expand the geographical scope of your international registration under the Madrid System at a later time.

Photo of the Mauritius flag
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Mauritius Joins the Madrid System


The Madrid Union currently has 114 members, covering 130 countries. These members represent more than 80% of world trade, with potential for expansion as membership grows.

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WIPO conducts a formal examination of the international application but Contracting Parties may have specific requirements and procedures regarding applications, registrations or designations through the Madrid System.


The Madrid Agreement, Protocol and Regulations enable Contracting Parties to make declarations concerning the international registration system, notably in relation to notifying refusals and regarding the collection of individual fees. These and other declarations are important to consider when designating a Contracting Party.

Future Contracting Parties

Information for prospective Contracting Parties considering accession to the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks.