Hague System – Changes in the Individual Designation Fees: United States of America

March 29, 2023

Starting May 1, 2023, the individual designation fees applicable when designating the United States of America will be reduced.

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The new fees will be as follows:

    • 941 Swiss francs (CHF) (default fee), 377 CHF (amount for "small entity") and 188 CHF (amount for "micro entity") for the first part; and
    • 683 Swiss francs (CHF) (default fee), 273 CHF (amount for “small entity”) and 137 CHF (amount for “micro entity”) for the second part.

Tip! You can find out more about the United States of America’s laws and procedures in our Hague System Member Profiles.

Download Information Notice No. 7/2023

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