Registered Designs (Amendment) Regulations, 1981




~; .J

27th February, lU81


S'l'A'I'U'I'OIty lNH'I'!tU.MJ·;N'f NlJ. oJIJ (Ii" J!IHj

The Registered Designs Act (LI1WH, Volume XIV, Cap. tHW)

The Registered Designs (Amendment) Regulations, 1981

IN EXEIWIS.IJl of the powert; contained in section fiJty-eight of the Registered Designs Act, tho following Rogulutions are hereby made:

1. 'I'hose ltegula.tiollo ilia,)' ho (;it;{1d at.; t.1w j ~ogi8terod> aud I~PJlliolttiou

Deaigus (Amendment.) HegulatioIlH, 1981, and shall be read

as one with the !{ogister'ou Designs Rogulunlons (hereinafter Cap. 6U6, fl. :lll

referred to as the principal Rogulationa) and 8hl~1I apply in respect of business conducted after the publication hereof.

2. 'l'he principal Regulatione are amended by tho deletion ll.eplaoemtlIlt of First

of the First Schedule and the substitution therefor of tho


First 'Schedule contained in tho Appendix hereto.

H. CIWlU1.'.A, LUSAKA 111 iuister of Commerce and lruZ,I£8try

18th February, HISl [PfMD.I04jlj:·n


(Regulation 2)

HItST SCJl.l!JD U1..1·;

(Reglulllio7. 33)

1·'JiJKb j'A\-AJJLF: '1'0 '.l'H.B DEtllONS OUUWII

Tho Iollowing Iees shull UU puid ill respect of applioatiorlll, regiti~mtiollll und other IIlllotturo under tho Act. Such Ious must, ill all CIWl08 be paid before or a I, tho tirou of doing tho Ilmttlll' ill rospeet of which thoy aro to bo puid.


Item Amount fi'Of'"m No,
1. (a) On UJ1pli(la~ioll to l'llgitlwr one dusign to UO
appliod to a single 1I1'ticlo uo I, Laing "
loxtile I~rticlo If mado of lac,' lfdlO} 110.00 1 or 2
(0) Uu lIJ7pliOl.tioll t,lI I'Ogi"'l.or 011" dosign t"" 1)<\
uJ7pliou to 1I 'K,L of 1...(.j"I,," rex t.ito "rtiull\f; If m~le of lallt' ""I, twing ;1:::.OU}15.00 :lur 4
(e) Ull Ilppliollotioll to J'ogil:lWl' o"e dU8igu til h"
appliod to a toxtilo 1ll'l.jul" 1:1.00 I or 2
.) UII appliolttion to Itugilltl'aI' 1.0 IlLlloto
grounds of decision und mutoriuis used
under regulai.ion 14 10.00 {i

Oopie«of tMIl8tatlltory I Mlm'7IMt C'II. 06 (}!Jt·lil."J f rom t~ GOlW'nl7ttlnt PritIt« 1'.0. {J(I,C ;HH:Hl, Lusaka, Price 1071 each. •

Statutory 1nsiruments 27th February, 1981

llem Mutter

    1. On request Ior extension of time within whieh an applicubiou for l'ogiatrlloLioll of Il. design may be oompleted-
    2. NoL exceeding one month Not oxooeding two ruunths NoL exeeeding three mouths
    1. On application for extension of copyright under eoocion J6 (2)
      1. aeoond poriod of five YOllol'l:!
      2. third period of five years "

6. On request for enlargement of time for payment of fee for extension of copy· right-

Not exceeding one month Not exceeding two month!' Not exceeding three months

6. On request to enter subsequent proprietorship, eto., under regulation 19 made wit'"n six months from date of uoquisition of proprieuorship, etc.

In respeet of one design Made .after six but within twelve

months from the date of acquisition of proprietorship, ek-In respeot of ana design

Made after expiration of twelve months from the date of acquisition of proprietorship, eLe.

In respeot of ono design .. On IIopplioOotion covering more than one design, for oaoh additional design similarly acquired..

    1. On applieubion for entry of notifioo.tion of dooument ill the register made withirL six months of the date of doeument-e-
    2. In respeet of one design ., Made aftor six hut wit/lin twelve months from date of dooument-In respect of one design .. MadBlUter expiration of twelve month« from dale of dOOUIIlOllt-III rospeof of one design .. On application covering more than 0110 design for eaoh additionul design referred to in tho same document BIl the &'st design
    1. On applioation of mortgagee. Iioensee, or other person for entry that he no longer olaims such interest-
    2. In respeot of one design
      E'or each addltaonal design , .
  1. On applloatiun for compulsory licence under lI8Otion 17
  2. On applioatioll to enter ehunge of name or nationality of registered proprietor in the register-

In respect of one design
For eaeb additional design ..


Des1g1Wl Amount Form No.



13.00 ~ 10

42.00 11 or 12




13.00 ~ 13

05.00 14 or 15

10.00 14 or 15

14,00 14 or Hi


05.00 16

10.00 16

14.00 III


0l.00 17

00;50 17

14.00 HI

0l.00 19


27th February, 1981 Statutory 1nstrurnent8


n. On application for alwrllotion of uddress for

service in the register-s-In respeot of one design l!'or eaoh additional design .•

  1. On applioabion under section 23 to correct error
  2. On application by proprietor for can0811ation under seotion 25 (1) .•
  3. On 8pplioa.tiou for eaneellebion of registration under section 2G(2) •• ••
  4. On appliollotion for 86do1'Oh under section 28 when registrationnumblll' is supplied
  5. On applioatioll for BOI~roh under seotion 28 when tho registration number is not supplied ..

17. 011u.ppliOl~ti()ll for Boo.roh under r"glllt~tioll

29(3) ., •• .. .. ..

  1. 011 o.ppliOllotioll fOI' 0. oertiflod oopy of entri6B,eOO., under regulation SO
  2. On applioatiou for a oopy of oertifioo.ti8 of registrBtioll under regulatiun :n
  3. Onevery8uthoriiln.tionof anag(mt
  4. Onapplio.,tion forOlltr.y of eourt 01',10"
  5. IreI'inspootion of rl)gist6r .•
  6. For certifying otlioeoapies. MSS., or photographic or printed lIlllotter-

Under seal Other •• For inspeotingand making copies of dooumentll. In respect of em appliOIltion or desigu 2li. For typewritten oopy of any document, forevery 100 words

26. For photogeaphlc oopy of any dooumeut or drawing pel' sheet

Oorrupondmg Du1gWl A.nlOunt Form No.




05.00 21

01.00 ~2

10.00 23

02.00 24

10.00 2G
11l.00 211
u1.20 27

01.20 28

01.00 30

111.00 31






Prioe ",Ii fixed lJy the Minister from time to time