The Trade Marks (Amendment) Regulations, 1981



:+rA'l'V'l'OHY INSl'HUlUEN'l' No. 39 OF 1981

The Trade Marks Act
(Laws, Volume XIV, Cap. OU3)

The Trade Marks (Amendment) Regulations, t 981

IN EXERCISE of'bhe powers contained in section e'iyltty-one of the Trade Marks Act, the following Regulations are hereby made:

  1. These Regulations may be cited as the Trade Marks (Amendment) Regulations, 1981, and shall be read as one with the 'I'rade Marks Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the principal Regulations) and shall apply in respect of busineseconducted after the publication hereof.
  2. 'I'hepdncipal Regulations are amended by the deletion of the First Schedule and rthe substitution therefor of the First Schedule oontainedin the Appendix hereto.


LUSAKA Mini8ter of Oommerce and industry 18th .February, 19S1 IPTlIlD.J04/I/i.l]

'I'itle and appdeat.ion

Cap. 693.


Replaoement of First Sohedule