Book Importation Regulations (SOR/99-324)

Year of Version:2013
Date of Last Amendment:May 15, 2008
Date of Entry into Force:September 1, 1999
Date of Text (Issued):July 28, 1999
Type of Text:Implementing Rules/Regulations
Subject Matter:Copyright and Related Rights (Neighboring Rights)
This consolidated version of the Book Importation Regulations includes all the amendments up to 2013
(see sections 3-6 for the latest amendments).

Pursuant to the definition “exclusive distributor” in section 2, section 2.6 subsections 27.1(5) and (6) and section 62 of the Copyright Act, the Regulations set out standards that exclusive distributors are required to adhere in order to benefit from the additional protection they have under the regime, and also specify the categories of books that are partially or wholly excluded from the parallel importation provisions.

Available Texts: 

Book Importation Regulations (SOR/99-324) Book Importation Regulations (SOR/99-324), Complete document (pdf) [183 KB]


Règlement sur l'importation de livres (DORS/99-324) Règlement sur l'importation de livres (DORS/99-324), Complete document (pdf) [183 KB]

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