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Regulations for the Implementation of the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China



Year of current version:1993
Date of entry into force of original text:July 28, 1993
Date of Text (Issued):July 28, 1993
Type of Text:Implementing Rules/Regulations
Subject Matter:Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, Trademarks
Notes:The WTO notification states:
"Rules implementing the Trademark Law.
"The texts of the laws and regulations are submitted in Chinese and English. However, due to time constraints, the English translations must not be regarded as official and are only for reference by WTO members."
Available Texts: 

中华人民共和国商标法实施细则 中华人民共和国商标法实施细则, Complete document (pdf) [120 KB] 中华人民共和国商标法实施细则, Complete document (htm) [58 KB] (Version with Automatic Translation Tool)

Related Legislation:
WIPO Lex No.:CN010

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