Law No. 2000-024 of 19 January 2000 related to the Natural Park of Banc d'Arguin

Year of Version:2000
Date of Entry into Force:February 29, 2000
Date of Text (Enacted):January 19, 2000
Type of Text:IP-related Laws: enacted by the Legislature
Subject Matter:Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, Genetic Resources, Traditional Cultural Expressions, Traditional Knowledge (TK)
This law defines the rules related to development, conservation, preservation, protection and surveillance of the National Natural Park of "Banc d'Arguin" (PNBA) located on the mauritanian coast. The park, created in 1976, is a protected nature reserve of Mauritania and one of the largest parks in West Africa. Designated a the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1989, it plays a key role in the maintenance of marine biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems of the Gulf of Arguin.

For the provisions on the protection of genetic resources, traditional knowledge and tradtional cultural expressions, please refer to:
-Chapter I, Art. 2 (e) (f) (h) (see p. 1)
-Chapter II, Art. 4 (see p. 2)
-Chapter III, Article 7 (r), (t), Article 8, Article 12 (4), Article 13 (d), Article 15 (g) (j), Article 18 (ww) (see pp. 3-6)
-Chapter IV, Article 30 (see p. 9)
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Loi N° 2000 - 024 du 19 janvier 2000 relative au Parc National du Banc D'Anguin Loi N° 2000 - 024 du 19 janvier 2000 relative au Parc National du  Banc D'Anguin, Complete document (pdf) [147 KB]

WIPO Lex No.:MR018