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At its 36th session, the PCT Assembly established a working group to do preparatory work for matters which require submission to the Assembly. Most commonly, this involves proposals for amendment of the Regulations under the PCT, but may include a wide variety of matters of interest to the PCT Assembly.

Comments and proposals

Comments on any relevant issues for posting on this site may be submitted by states and organizations participating in the Working Group, by e-mail sent to WIPO's secretariat at pct.wg@wipo.int.  Interested persons may browse comments posted on the forum and/or subscribe to the forum's e-mail notification service in order to be informed by e-mail when new documents or comments become available.

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Reducing Exposure to Movements In Currency Exchange Rates
Setting Certain Fees According to "Blended Hedge Rates"

At its 8th session, the PCT Working Group agreed that modifications to the Directives of the PCT Assembly Relating to the Establishment of Equivalent Amounts of Certain PCT Fees should be sent to the PCT Assembly for adoption, as set out in Annex II to document PCT/WG/8/15.

The effect of these modifications would be that equivalent amounts for the international filing fee would only be set once per year, and equivalent amounts of the international filing fee in certain currencies (EUR, JPY and USD) would be set according to a "blended hedge rate" instead of using the spot rate.

The Working Group indicated that it would be useful for the process which was described during the session to be more clearly described in what is approved by the Assembly. It is proposed to do this by adopting an Understanding of the PCT Assembly at the same time as approving the modifications of the Directives. Comments are invited from Contracting States by Friday 19 June to pct.bdd@wipo.int on the draft Understanding set out in the linked Word document.