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The New PATENTSCOPE 2.0 system:


In order to keep up with the new developments in search and WEB 2.0 technologies the PATENTSCOPE application had to be rewritten from scratch. This enables a better integration of all the upcoming new HTML 5, and WEB 2.0 features in the system. Also, the usage of the leading open source search engine Lucene gave us the possibility to integrate very interesting and sophisticated existing and upcoming features for free.

Will my current queries be valid?

Yes, the new system supports the old syntax plus a new Lucene one. Please see for more details.

Will my current bookmarks and RSS queries be valid?

Yes, all the current URL addresses will be redirected to the new ones.

What are the new features that could help me right away? 

  • Stemming and specific language parsers
  • Clustering of search results by IPC, applicant name, publication date
  • efficient charting for search results
  • Download of result lists
  • Saving of user preferences and queries for later usage
  • Cross Lingual Information Retrieval (CLIR)
  • Integrated Machine Translation for result lists, descriptions and claims using Google Translate
  • Extension of the coverage with national patent collections i.e. EPO, Latin America etc..

What’s changing exactly?

All the URL addresses have changed. Behind the scenes there is a redirection from the old addresses to the new ones, so all the old links are valid

What are the other benefits of the new system?

  • Easy management of huge data structure
  • Better integration with the Crawlers.

Who should I contact if I have an issue?

What are the future features?  

  • Better charting
  • Integration of the JPO, USPTO and Russian national collections.
  • IPC clustering to the second level
  • Browsing of patent drawings with thumbnails


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