Benefits of the Madrid System

Exporting businesses, small and large, need a reliable, convenient and cost-effective mechanism to protect trademarks in markets of interest.

The Madrid System is the one-stop solution for trademark holders to obtain and maintain protection in multiple markets.

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The Madrid System is a centralized filing and management procedure.  Through the Madrid System you can file one international application, in one language (English, French or Spanish), and pay one set of fees in Swiss francs to obtain international registration in multiple territories.

As your business strategy evolves, the Madrid System can be used to expand protection into new markets. Your portfolio of marks can also be managed and maintained through one centralized system.

Cost effective

Filing an international application is the equivalent of filing a bundle of national applications, effectively saving you time and money.

Through the Madrid System there is no need to pay for translations into multiple languages or to spend extra time working through the administrative procedures of multiples offices.

Broad geographic coverage

The Madrid System offers the potential for simultaneous protection in up to 114 territories of its 98 members, including the European Union (EU) and African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), the majority of developed countries and many developing and transition countries.

These countries represent in excess of 80% of world trade and membership is growing every year.