Innovation and Access to Medical Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities for Middle-Income Countries

Date et lieu5 novembre 2014 (Genève, Suisse)
Précédentes réunions / Réunions futuresWHO-WIPO-WTO/IP/MED/GE/13 >> WHO-WIPO-WTO/IP/MED/GE/14 >> WIPO-WHO-WTO/IP/GE/15
Thème(s)Défis mondiaux, Coopération trilatérale OMS, OMPI, OMC sur la santé publique, la propriété intellectuelle et le commerce
The fourth technical symposium organized by WIPO, WHO, and WTO will discuss middle-income countries’ challenges and opportunities in the health innovation area, and the public policies necessary to ensure that rapid economic growth contributes to access and universal health coverage.

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