Madrid System Case Study: MILAN – A School-Supplies Manufacturer with an Un-erasable Story

August 31, 2022

We have published another case study highlighting how the Madrid System supports companies to manage their portfolio of international registrations. Today, we present the case of MILAN, the well-known Spanish stationary manufacturer.

A selection of MILAN's Sunset series products ranging from including calculators, scissors and pencils
(Photo: MILAN)

MILAN was born in 1918 after the families Marcó and Milán joined forces to produce and sell stationary products, particularly erasers. Years later, the Marcó family decided to buy the trademark in order to expand the business and export to different countries.

Widely known across Spain for decades, particularly through the success of their erasers and school supplies, the company started its international adventure in the 1950s and today exports to more than 120 countries. Every year they produce more than two tons of erasers, 75% of which they export.

For such a medium-sized and family-run company, focusing particularly on exports, access to a centralized trademark system, through which they can expand and manage their international registrations, is essential. MILAN has been using the Madrid System since 1982, proof of the reliability and security that the System has been providing for decades.

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