2021 Retrospective: Your Favorite Madrid System Webinars this Year

December 22, 2021

We would like to thank all of you for your impressive participation to our interactive webinars this year! We have delivered 46 webinars and you were more than 16,000 to register, with attendants from all parts of the world. We hope that through the presentations and interactions with our experts, you gained a better understanding of the Madrid System processes and our online services throughout 2021.

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You were many to send us amazing feedback as well as requests for future webinars, and we listened.

This year, we continued with our webinars in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Japanese, and we launched our first webinar in Arabic. Moreover, we started offering certificates of attendance for the webinars.

Remember that you can find all the past webinars classified by topics on our dedicated webpage. We will be organizing many more webinars for you in 2022, but for now, let’s take look at our top five webinars of the year (and a bonus one!):

#1 Understanding the latest Madrid System Legal Updates

We started 2021 with the amendments to the Regulations under the Protocol. In this webinar, we covered the prescribed indication of the email address of the applicant, new holder and representative, as well as the principles governing replacement. We also summarized the discussion of the Madrid Working Group of 2020.

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Also available in Chinesein Frenchin Japanesein Russianin Spanish

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#2 The Official Forms of the Madrid System: Online Transactions

With this Webinar, we started a series about the official forms of the Madrid System. We explained and gave live demonstrations for some of the online transactions for subsequent designation, limitation, renewal and management of representative.

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#3 Understanding the Classification of Goods and Services at the USPTO

After the very successful webinar with the IP Office of the United States of America (USPTO) last year, you wanted to learn more about their classification of goods and services. We were pleased to fit your needs in collaboration with our colleagues from USPTO.

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#4 Corrections in the International Register: How Does It Work?

In this webinar, we went over the most common corrections and we explained how to request them according to the Rule 28 of the Common Regulations. We covered, among other things, corrections to the name and address of the holder, the list of goods and services and the designated Contracting Parties.

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Also available in Chinesein Japanese

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#5 Understanding Examination and Refusal Procedures in the IP Office of China

In this webinar, two colleagues from the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) reviewed their examination process and the most common reasons for provisional refusals. They also presented the specific questions you need to answer when designating China in your international application or subsequent designation.

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BONUS WEBINAR: Deep Dive: the Madrid Goods & Services Manager

The Madrid Goods and Services Manager is a multilingual online tool that helps you compile the complete list of goods and services needed to file an international application. This webinar delved into the all the practices and tools you need to master it.

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Also available in Russian& in Chinesein Japanese& in French •  in Spanish

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See you next year!

We would like to continue interacting with you in 2022! We also want to hear from you! Please send us your comments or webinar requests for 2022 via Contact Madrid. Simply select "Madrid System webinars, seminars and video tutorials" in the dropdown menu. Also, if you attended some of the 2021 webinars, do not forget to download your certificates!