e-Renewal Update

July 6, 2017

We understand the value of your brand… and your time. As part of ongoing efforts to streamline our e-services, we’re changing the Madrid e-Renewal system to help minimize the risk of fee-related irregularities.

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Over the past year, more than 20 Madrid System members have made changes to international trademark registration fees. If you don’t use the Fee Calculator to recalculate your costs immediately before submitting a renewal request, you may find yourself dealing with an unexpected fee-related irregularity notice from WIPO.

What’s new?

Starting Thursday, July 6, online requests for renewal will be available three months prior to the expiry of your international trademark registration. After paying through the e-Renewal system, your request will not be affected by any subsequent changes in the Schedule of Fees. This means you can predict the cost of your renewal with greater accuracy and certainty.

You’ll still be able to benefit from the unique features and flexibility of the Madrid e-Renewal service, including:

  • detailed and up-to-date information on your international registration (international registration number (IRN), holder details, Office of origin, representative, designated Contracting Parties)
  • status of protection for each designated Contracting Party (total refusals shown in blue, total invalidations in red)
  • table of applicable fees (displayed by type and Contracting Party)
  • visual reproduction of the mark (where applicable)
  • automatic confirmation e-mail with the details of the renewal

How does e-Renewal work?

A mark registered through WIPO’s Madrid System is valid for 10 years, and can be renewed directly with WIPO every 10 years. Our e-Renewal service lets you to file online requests to renew your international trademark registration before it expires (and up to six months after expiry), and pay your renewal fees using a credit card or WIPO Current Account.

Simply enter the international registration number, select the Contracting Parties in which you would like to renew your registration, and enter your payment information.

Tip! For the most up-to-date and accurate estimate of renewal fees, use the Fee Calculator.


Renewals are governed by the Common Regulations under the Madrid System. For additional information on renewal, refer to our How To guides or contact us to learn more.

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