Madrid e-Filing: Setting up Madrid e-Filing for your IP Office

Setting up dedicated Madrid e-Filing instance for an interested IP office is simple and easy. WIPO provides technical support throughout the initial assessment phase, working closely with the IP office to determine how to integrate the Madrid e-Filing service within an existing IT environment. This service is completely free of charge.

With a customized test instance provided, an IP office can do a full and thorough assessment before introducing the service to applicants. What's more, if an IP office already participates in the Global Brand Database or in TMview, their trademark data is readily available and the transition to Madrid e-Filing is only a few set-up clicks away!

To learn more about Madrid e-Filing or to request a test instance, send a request through Contact Madrid to get in touch with a Madrid IT specialist.
Are you a trademark owner? Contact your Office of origin today to recommend Madrid e-Filing!