The Power of Brands

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  • Name: Industria Liquori Affini Roma S.P.A.
  • Country / Territory: Italy
  • IP right(s): Industrial Designs, Trademarks
  • Date of publication: July 28, 2009
  • Last update: August 25, 2021


Virgilio and Micaela Pallini, representing the 4th and 5th generation of the traditional, Italian family business I.L.A.R., narrate the hisory of their liquor and syrup production company dating back to 1875.

Industria Liquori Affini Roma (I.L.A.R.) is a family-owned company headquartered in Rome. Its activities include production and distribution of a wide range of spirits and fruit syrups, and import and distribution of spirits on the Italian market. The company’s main brand is Pallini®.

The Antica Casa Pallini, forerunner of I.L.A.R., was established in 1875 by Nicola Pallini, a local merchant and liqueur producer from Antrodoco (a commercial town in central Italy).

The quality of the liqueurs produced has been such that the Pallini trademark has become synonymous of excellence and professional skill both in the distillation of anise liqueurs and non-alcoholic beverages (syrups).

The firm's use of modern technologies facilitated development and product diversification in order to respond to a continuously evolving market. The use of raw and exclusively natural ingredients has allowed I.L.A.R. to improve its traditional products, nowadays considered essential for both restaurant and bakery professionals.

Trademarks and Designs

I.L.A.R. recognizes the value of its intellectual property (IP) rights and considers them essential to protect its products and brands. National and international trademark registrations are crucial for both commercial diffusion and maintenance of a high standard of exclusivity all over the world.

In some cases the firm uses industrial design registrations to protect certain design features of the bottles (labels, accessories and packaging).

"Pallini" is a registered trademark in Italy and abroad (Madrid Express)

IP Infringement

I.L.A.R. has always been proactive in protecting its intellectual property rights and some years ago sued a rival Italian firm who copied the design of the bottle of their “Mistrà Pallini” liqueur. It won the case and was awarded substantial damages against the counterfeiter.

IP Management

The firm constantly monitors trademark databases, trade shows, trade magazines, sales agents, etc. with a view to preventing infringement of its IP both at home and in foreign markets. It is the policy of I.L.A.R. to register trademarks in Italy and/or abroad (European Union and the United States) when introducing a new product. The firm uses an Italian trademark agent to manage all matters relating to its trademark portfolio (registrations, renewals, enquiries on existing trademarks in other countries, disputes, etc.) both in Italy and through the agent's associated companies abroad.

Pallini Limoncello is the "most Italian of drinks" (© ILAR S.p.A.)

Business Results

The firm’s commitment to quality and high standards has been rewarded by awards at various exhibitions and at national and international competitions. I.L.A.R. won twice the prestigious “Anglo Overseas Trophy” for their Romana Sambuca® and for their Romana Black® liqueurs. This coveted prize is awarded annually in London by an international jury during the "International Wine and Spirit Competition", to the producer of the liqueur that is considered to be the best in the world. The elegance of its packaging was rewarded with a gold medal at the drinks packaging design awards 2006, organized by the CLASS magazine.

Since 2004, Castle Brands Inc. has been exclusive US importer of Pallini Limoncello, of which it sells more than 150,000 bottles a year. “It became more successful than we had ever dreamt”, says fourth-generation CEO Virgilio Pallini. To consolidate its success in the American market, I.L.A.R. has introduced two new Pallini flavors (white peach based Peachcello® and raspberry based Raspicello®) based on family recipes. Today, it is the world’s No. 1 super-premium Limoncello brand.

Product Differentiation through Branding and Design

I.L.A.R. has gained a foothold and consolidated its position in the fiercely competitive global spirits market due to a strong commitment to quality and smart use of IP: their protected and closely monitored trademarks are associated with high quality products standing out from their competitors – an impression that is reinforced by the design of their packaging.