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The Assembly of the Madrid Union, at its thirty-seventh (21st Extraordinary) session, endorsed the recommendation of the ad hoc Working Group on the Legal Development of the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks that the International Bureau make available to the offices of contracting parties a number of standard forms (until August 31, 2009).

The model forms are intended to reflect the essential applicable requirements under the Common Regulations. Therefore, they may require some adaptation to suit the particular needs of each contracting party. The International Bureau is at the disposal of interested offices with a view to adjusting such forms to their individual requirements.

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  • Background information on standard forms (document MM/LD/WG/2/6)

Following the amendment of the Common Regulations, effective September 1, 2009, those standard forms have been revised into a set of model forms:

  • Form 1 – Information relating to possible oppositions pdf doc
  • Form 2 – Dates on which opposition period begins and ends pdf doc
  • Form 3 – Provisional refusal of protection pdf doc
  • Form 4 – Statement of grant of protection pdf doc
  • Form 5 – Statement of grant of protection following a refusal pdf doc
  • Form 6 – Confirmation of total provisional refusal pdf doc
  • Form 7 – Further decision affecting the protection of a mark pdf doc
  • Form 8 – Interim status of a mark pdf doc
  • Form 9 – Ceasing of effect of the basic application, of the registration resulting therefrom, or of the basic registration pdf doc

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