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Participating Offices

The digital libraries of the following offices are participating in the WIPO Digital Document Access Service (DAS), established under the Framework Provisions for the Digital Access Service.

There are two different types of notification possible:

  • Depositing Office (paragraph 10 of the Framework Provisions):  The Office, which is usually acting as the Office of first filing, allows applications to be made available to the Service;
  • Accessing Office (paragraph 12 of the Framework Provisions):  The Office, acting as an Office of second filing, allows the applicant to request that a priority document be retrieved from the Service instead of having to file a certified copy.

At present, the service is operational for patent documents only. One office is ready to deposit and retrieve patent and utility model documents. Documents relating to other IP rights, such as industrial Designs and trademarks will be exchanged through the system once the participating offices have made the necessary operational and technical changes.

The main effects of the notifications, as well as information on digital libraries which have been designated, are summarized in the table below. For more information, refer to the complete notifications.

  • Only offices where a service date is given are currently offering the exchange of documents through the Service.
  • A status of "designated" in the table means that a digital library held by the office has been designated in accordance with paragraph 7 of the Framework Provisions, but that as yet no notification has been given by that office as to when the digital library will be available for use through the Service.
  • Several other offices are working with the International Bureau to allow use of their digital libraries with the Service but have not yet had their libraries designated.

New "Access Code" Procedure

As of July 1, 2012, a new procedure has been introduced for accessing offices to retrieve priority documents from the service by using access codes.  Applicants can provide the access code directly to the office of second filing, instead of giving that office access authorization to retrieve a priority document via the applicant portal.

The table below indicates offices which have implemented the necessary operational and technical changes to offer this new procedure.

The applicant portal can be used in parallel to authorize access to those DAS accessing offices that have not yet implemented the new procedure.

Office Depositing Office Accessing Office Further Information
Operational since Scope Operational since Offering the new access code procedure since
AU IP Australia December 12, 2009 National applications and International applications filed with RO/AU December 12, 2009 November 28, 2012 Notifications
DK Danish Patent and Trademark Office November 1, 2011 National applications and International applications filed with RO/DK -- -- Notifications
CN State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China March 1, 2012 National applications and International applications filed with RO/CN March 1, 2012 April 15, 2013 Notifications
ES Spanish Patent and Trademark Office October 1, 2009 National patent applications October 1, 2009 September 1, 2013 Notifications
FI National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland April 15, 2011 National applications and International applications filed with RO/FI April 15, 2011 June 1, 2013 Notifications
GB United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office October 4, 2009 National patent applications October 4, 2009 November 19, 2012 Notifications
IB International Bureau April 1, 2009 International applications filed with RO/IB January 1, 2010 July 1, 2012 Notifications
JP Japan Patent Office April 1, 2009 National patent and utility model applications April 1, 2009 March 17, 2013 Notifications
KR Korean Intellectual Property Office July 1, 2009 National applications and International applications filed with RO/KR July 1, 2009 January 14, 2014 Notifications
SE Swedish Patent and Registration Office November 1, 2011 National applications and International applications filed with RO/SE July 1, 2014 July 1, 2014 Notifications
US United States Patent and Trademark Office April 20, 2009 National patent applications April 20, 2009 March 18, 2013 Notifications

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