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Bulletin: Appellations of Origin

The official publication of the Lisbon system. It is issued by WIPO for the publication of new registrations and other recordings in the International Register as well as information concerning changes in the legal framework of the Lisbon system. In addition, the Bulletin contains statistical information concerning registered appellations of origin.

Año de publicación: 1968


Model Law for Developing Countries on Marks, Trade Names, and Acts of Unfair Competition

The Model Law consists of five Parts - Part I: general provisions, containing several definitions and the principles of application of international conventions and the rights of foreigners; Part II: detailed provisions relating to trademarks and service marks; Part III: supplementary provisions concerning collective marks; Part IV: some provisions concerning trade names and acts of unfair competition, including misuse of indications of source and appellations of origin; Part V: procedural provisions and rules.

Año de publicación: 1967


Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (texts)

The present publication recounts the stages that stand out as landmarks in the development of the Berne Convention, the oldest and most important system of international protection of copyright.

Año de publicación: 1967


Model Law for Developing Countries on Inventions

BIRPI, the Secretariat of the lnternational Union for the Protection of Industrial Property has never ceased to assist countries in their problems of legislation in the field of patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and all the other forms of industrial property. The task of legal technical assistance has, however, never been so vast and so urgent as it is today, when dozens of countries have only recently acceded to independence. The Model Law herein reproduced is intended for these and other developing countries.

Año de publicación: 1965