WIPO Regional Symposium on the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement) for the Judiciary and Enforcement Agencies

Fecha y lugar9 de septiembre a 11 de septiembre de 2000 (Teherán, Irán (República Islámica del))
Tema(s)Seminarios sobre la Propiedad Intelectual, Seminarios sobre derechos de propiedad intelectual

Documentos de reunión

WIPO/IP/JU/THR/00/INF/1EnglishProvisional Program
WIPO/IP/JU/THR/00/INF/2EnglishGeneral Information for Participants
WIPO/IP/JU/THR/00/INF/3EnglishList of Participants
WIPO/IP/JU/THR/00/1EnglishEffective Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and its Role in Socio-Economic Development
WIPO/IP/JU/THR/00/3EnglishRole of the Judiciary in Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights (IPRS) with Discussion of Criminal Procedures
WIPO/IP/JU/THR/00/5EnglishThe Role of Governments, in Particular Custom Authorities, in Effective Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
WIPO/IP/JU/THR/00/6EnglishThe Role of Intellectual Property Offices in Enforcement
WIPO/IP/JU/THR/00/7EnglishEnforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in a Digital Environment
WIPO/IP/JU/THR/00/9EnglishEconomic Value of Effective Protection of Intellectual Property for Developing Countries
WIPO/IP/JU/THR/00/10EnglishDispute Settlement between States and between Private Parties
WIPO/IP/JU/THR/00/11EnglishAn Overview of the General Provisions, Basic Principles and the Provisions Dealing with Standards in the TRIPS Agreement