WIPO Regional Training Course on Intellectual Property for Developing Countries of Asia and the Pacific

Fecha y lugar22 de julio a 2 de agosto de 1996 (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
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Tema(s)Seminarios sobre la Propiedad Intelectual, Talleres y seminarios

Documentos de reunión

WIPO/IP/CM/96/INF/1EnglishGeneral Information for Participants
WIPO/IP/CM/96/INF/2EnglishProvisional Program
WIPO/IP/CM/96/INF/4EnglishProvisional List of Participants
WIPO/IP/CM/96/1EnglishTrademark Law and Administration
WIPO/IP/CM/96/2AEnglishPatent Law and Administration. Basic Considerations
WIPO/IP/CM/96/2BEnglishPatent Law and Administration. The Contents of a Patent Application
WIPO/IP/CM/96/2CEnglishPatent Law and Administration. The Patent Cooperation Treaty within the Patent System
WIPO/IP/CM/96/2DEnglishPatent Law and Administration. Recent International Developments in the Field of Patent Law
WIPO/IP/CM/96/2D SUPPL.EnglishPatent Law and Administration. Recent International Developments in the Field of Patent Law
WIPO/IP/CM/96/3AEnglishIntroduction to Basic Notions of Copyright and Neighboring Rights
WIPO/IP/CM/96/3BEnglishInternational Protection of Copyright and Neighboring Rights. Treaties Administered by WIPO and the TRIPS Agreement
WIPO/IP/CM/96/3CEnglishNew Trends of the Protection of Copyright and Neighboring Rights at the International Level
WIPO/IP/CM/96/3DEnglishAdministration of Rights under Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law
WIPO/IP/CM/96/4EnglishIndustrial Design Law and Administration
WIPO/IP/CM/96/5EnglishIntellectual Property Litigation and Remedies
WIPO/IP/CM/96/6EnglishIndustrial Property Administration - Experience of Sri Lanka
WIPO/IP/CM/96/7EnglishThe TRIPS Agreement - An Overview Prepared by the World Trade Organization Secretariat
WIPO/IP/CM/96/8EnglishAutomation of an Industrial Property Office
WIPO/IP/CM/96/9AEnglishIntroduction to Patents and Documentation
WIPO/IP/CM/96/9BEnglishModern Retrieval Systems of Patent Information. General Introduction
WIPO/IP/CM/96/9CEnglishEstablishment of a Patent Information and Documentation Centre
WIPO/IP/CM/96/9DEnglishUse of Patent Information for Technological Development
WIPO/IP/CM/96/10EnglishIntellectual Property Law and Administration in China
WIPO/IP/CM/96/11EnglishIndustrial Property Licensing and Technology Transfer Arrangements
WIPO/IP/CM/96/12AEnglishImpact of Emerging Technologies on the Law of Intellectual Property
WIPO/IP/CM/96/12BEnglishImpact of Emerging Technologies on the Law of Intellectual Property
WIPO/IP/CM/96/13EnglishPatent and Trademark Agency
WIPO/IP/CM/96/14EnglishDevelopment Cooperation Program of WIPO