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Management of Academic Intellectual Property and Early Stage Innovation in Countries in Transition

In order to determine the most effective management methods WIPO carried out a survey amongst universities and independent research institutions to determine the present practices and bottlenecks in the field of university Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management. The results are grouped around three main areas: technology transfer organizations, research and academic IPR management and transfer of technology. Created guidelines provide insight into such vital aspects of management as: managing patent portfolios, choosing the most effective commercialization strategy, technology management and others. This Study is targeted at universities, technology professionals, scientists, IPR professionals and patent attorneys, innovation agents, innovative SMEs and other entities interested in assisting the utilization and commercialization of the economically valuable IPRs.

Année de publication: 2010


Recommendations for Strengthening the Role of Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States

New technologies and knowledge, forming real concrete benefits, are becoming a defining factor for economic growth and for the development of the society. The exclusive significance of the innovation component of small and medium-sized business are of great significance for the economic and social development .Taking into the account the heightened risks accompanying the introduction of new technologies by SMEs and the enormous potential possibilities that comes with such new technologies, in economic and social terms, governments should undertake efforts and offer privileges to motivate innovation activities among SMEs.

Année de publication: 2010


Adaptation of The Copyright Laws of Countries in Transition to the New Technologies; Accession to, and Implementation of the WIPO Internet Treaties

This Study offers a comprehensive analysis of the way the national laws of “countries in transition” have been adopted to new technologies.

Année de publication: 2010


World Intellectual Property Indicators - 2009

This report provides a wide range of indicators covering patents, utility models, trademarks, industrial designs, microorganisms and plant varieties protection. It draws on data from national and regional IP offices, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the World Bank and UNESCO.

Année de publication: 2009


Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks 2008

Comprehensive facts, figures and analysis of the international registration of marks.

Année de publication: 2009


The International Patent System in 2008

PCT Yearly Review

Comprehensive facts, figures and analysis of the international patent system.

Année de publication: 2009


The Economics of Intellectual Property. Suggestions for Further Research in Developing Countries and Countries with Economies in Transition

The series of papers in this publication were commissioned from renowned international economists from all regions. They review the existing empirical literature on six selected themes relating to the economics of intellectual property, identify the key research questions, point out research gaps and explore possible avenues for future research.

Année de publication: 2009


The International Patent System in 2007

PCT Yearly Review

Comprehensive facts, figures and analysis of the international patent system.

Année de publication: 2008