The WIPO Journal - 2011 Volume 3 Issue 1

Analysis and Debate of Intellectual Property Issues

Autor(es): Sweet and Maxwell | Año de publicación: 2011

Contents: ACTA and Its Complex Politics | Everything Old is New Again: The Development Agenda Then and Now | From Punta Del Este to Doha and Beyond: Lessons from the TRIPs Negotiating Processes | Change and Continuity in the International Intellectual Property System: A Turbulent Decade in Perspective | From World Intellectual Property Organization to World Innovation Promotion Organization? Whither WIPO? | Intellectual Property Policy Making in the 21st Century | The Politics of IP Maximalism | Having Faith in IP: Empirical Evidence of IP Conversions | The Rise and Fall of “Prior Consent” in Brazil | When Framing Meets Law: Using Human Rights as a Practical Instrument to Facilitate Access to Medicines in Developing Countries | The Politicisation of Intellectual Property: IP Conflicts and Social Change

The peer-reviewed WIPO Journal was produced from 2009 to 2016 by Sweet and Maxwell in association with Thomson Reuters.  The WIPO Journal ceased publication from December 2016.

The Journal sought to draw on contributions from experts around the world to provide diverse interdisciplinary perspectives on issues of interest to the global intellectual property (IP) community.  Submissions were reviewed and selected independently of WIPO.  Views expressed in the Journal are those of the authors, and should not be considered or interpreted as those of WIPO.

Copyright in all contributions remains with the contributors; the publishers acquire all publication rights.


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