Trademark Enforcement Issues in the Metaverse

Date et lieu26 janvier 2023 Réunion virtuelle
Horaire des séances13:00 - 14:00 Heure de Genève (Anglais)
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Thème(s)Webinaires, Webinaires sur le respect de la propriété intellectuelle
The metaverse enables us to participate through avatars in a range of virtual activities such as football matches, music concerts and fashion shows, many of which involve trademarks. Some trademark holders have already sought trademark registration to prevent the unauthorized use of their marks in the metaverse. Nevertheless, goods bearing counterfeit trademarks are openly traded and used in the metaverse via Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The NFT market is already flooded with counterfeits, leaving both trademark owners and NFT consumers confused and discontent. Some are calling for large NFT markets to better police their operations through voluntary best practices.

This webinar looks at the trade of virtual goods bearing counterfeit trademarks in the metaverse, the main trademark disputes that have arisen in the framework of the metaverse so far and the solutions that have been identified to effectively enforce trademarks in this fast-developing virtual space.

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