[WIPO National Seminar on Trademarks]

Date et lieu22 décembre 2003 (Damas, République arabe syrienne)
Thème(s)Marques, Ateliers et séminaires

Documents de réunion

WIPO/TM/DAM/03/INF/1EnglishProgramProgram, Document complet (doc) Program, Corps du document 1 (pdf) Program, Corps du document 1 (pdf)
WIPO/TM/DAM/03/2(B)عربي[Trademark Law and Practice of the Republi of Lebanon]
WIPO/TM/DAM/03/5عربي[Requirements for Trademarks Registration and the Role of the Industrial Property Ofice]
WIPO/TM/DAM/03/6عربي[Trademarks as a Tool for Marketing and Competition]
WIPO/TM/DAM/03/7عربي[Remedies Against Infringement and Counterfeiting of Trademarks; International Trends, Including Enforcement Provisions under the TRIPS Agreement]
WIPO/TM/DAM/03/9عربي[Trademarks Licensing and Franchising]
WIPO/TM/DAM/03/10(A)عربي[Cases on Confusingly Similar Trademarks]
WIPO/TM/DAM/03/10(B)عربي[Cases on
WIPO/TM/DAM/03/DOC.1عربي[International Protection of Trademarks under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)]
WIPO/TM/DAM/03/DOC.2(A)عربي[Trademark Law and Practice in the Syrian Arab Republic and Lebanon]
WIPO/TM/DAM/03/DOC.3(A)عربي[Recent Trends in the Protection of Trademarks]