WIPO National Seminar on Invention, Innovation, and Intellectual Property Rights as Tools for Economic Development

Date et lieu13 avril au 15 avril 2002 (Damas, République arabe syrienne)
Thème(s)Développement économique , Séminaires relatifs aux innovations, Ateliers et séminaires

Documents de réunion

WIPO/INN/DAM/02/INF/1EnglishProvisional Program
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/1EnglishThe International Framework for the Protection of Industrial Property
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/2عربي[Introduction to the Industrial Property System in the Syrian Arab Republic]
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/3(B)عربي[The Promotion of Innovation and Inventive Activities and the Intellectual Property System]
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/4(A)EnglishThe Promotion of Innovation and Inventive Activities and the Intellectual Property System
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/5EnglishEstablishing Innovation and Invention Support Structures in a Developing Economy
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/6EnglishStrategic Considerations Related to Commercial Exploitation of Intellectual Property and Know-How: Intellectual Property Rights in Business Development
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/7EnglishTechnological, Legal and Business Information Contained in Patent Documents
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/8EnglishIdentification and Selection of Inventions/Research Results for Intellectual Property Protection and Commercialization
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/9EnglishEvaluation and Assessment of the Technical Feasibility and Commercial Viability of Inventions and Research Results
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/10EnglishCommercialization of Inventions and Research Results: Marketing and Business Planning
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/11EnglishThe Intellectual Property Policies of Research and Development Organizations and the Management of Intellectual Property Rights
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/12(A)EnglishRole of Associations of Inventors in the Innovation Process
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/12(B)عربي[Role of Associations of Inventors in the Innovation Process]
WIPO/INN/DAM/02/13EnglishInnovation Support Services and Assistance to Researchers, Individual Inventors and Local Industry