WIPO National Seminar on Licensing and Transfer of Technology

Date et lieu20 mars au 21 mars 2001 (Dammam, Arabie saoudite)
Thème(s)Licences, Ateliers et séminaires

Documents de réunion

WIPO/LIC/DMM/01/1EnglishThe Economic Importance of Industrial Property
WIPO/LIC/DMM/01/2EnglishLicensing as a Means of Transfer of Technology
WIPO/LIC/DMM/01/3EnglishImportant Features of Agreements of Licensing Technology (Part I)
WIPO/LIC/DMM/01/4EnglishNegotiation Skills for Licensing Technology
WIPO/LIC/DMM/01/6EnglishImportant Features of Agreements of Licensing Technology (Part II)
WIPO/LIC/DMM/01/7EnglishThe Licensing of Pharmaceuticals
WIPO/LIC/DMM/01/8EnglishConfidentiality Agreements and the Protection of Inventions and Trade Secrets
WIPO/LIC/DMM/01/9EnglishEffective Protection and Enforceability of Industrial Property Rights as an Incentive for Transfer of Technology