WIPO-Turkmenistan Seminar on Commercialization and Valuation of Industrial Property Assets

Date et lieu4 avril au 5 avril 2000 (Ashgabat, Turkménistan)
Thème(s)Séminaires relatifs à la propriété intellectuelle, Séminaires relatifs à la propriété industrielle, Ateliers et séminaires

Documents de réunion

WIPO/IP/ASB/00/1EnglishValuation of Intangible Assets
WIPO/IP/ASB/00/2EnglishLicensing as a Means for Transfer of Technology
WIPO/IP/ASB/00/3EnglishNegotiation Skills for Licensing Technology
WIPO/IP/ASB/00/4EnglishRegistration, Inventory and Accounting in Respect of Intellectual Property Assets at an Enterprise
WIPO/IP/ASB/00/5EnglishStrategy of the Intellectual Property Management in a Region: the Experience of the Moscow Region
WIPO/IP/ASB/00/6EnglishLicense Contracts: Key Provisions
WIPO/IP/ASB/00/8EnglishMethods of Calculating the License Fee
WIPO/IP/ASB/00/9EnglishManagement of Intangible Assets in the Republic of Belarus