WIPO Regional Symposium on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and on the New "Internet Treaties" (WCT and WPPT)

Date et lieu24 novembre au 27 novembre 1998 (Tachkent, Ouzbékistan)
Thème(s)Séminaires relatifs au droit d'auteur

Documents de réunion

WIPO/CR/TAS/98/1EnglishThe TRIPS Agreement, with Special Emphasis on Enforcement
WIPO/CR/TAS/98/2EnglishCopyright and Related Rights under the TRIPS Agreement
WIPO/CR/TAS/98/3EnglishEnforcement with Respect to Trademark-Counterfeiting: The Experience of Related Industries
WIPO/CR/TAS/98/4EnglishDeveloping an Effective National Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Strategy - Ways and Means
WIPO/CR/TAS/98/5EnglishThe WIPO Copyright Treaty 1996
WIPO/CR/TAS/98/6EnglishThe WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (1996)
WIPO/CR/TAS/98/7EnglishThe New WIPO Treaties and the Digital Environment