Regional Seminar on the Patent Cooperation Treaty for ARIPO Member and Potential Member States

Date et lieu20 juillet au 23 juillet 1998 (Harare, Zimbabwe)
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Thème(s)Séminaires du PCT, Ateliers et séminaires

Documents de réunion

PCT/SEM/393/1EnglishDefinitions and General Aspects of Industrial Property
PCT/SEM/393/2EnglishOverview of the PCT
PCT/SEM/393/3(I)EnglishAdvantages of the PCT for Developing Countries: General Aspects
PCT/SEM/393/3(II)EnglishAdvantages of the PCT for Developing Countries: ARIPO's Experience (by the Secretariat of ARIPO)
PCT/SEM/393/4EnglishFiling of PCT Application
PCT/SEM/393/5(I)EnglishReceiving Office Functions
PCT/SEM/393/5(II)EnglishReceiving Office Functions (by the Secretariat of ARIPO)
PCT/SEM/393/6EnglishFunctions of the International Bureau and International Publication
PCT/SEM/393/7EnglishInternational Search. International Preliminary Examination
PCT/SEM/393/8EnglishAdministration of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in the Electronic Era
PCT/SEM/393/9EnglishAmendments under the PCT
PCT/SEM/393/10(I)EnglishEntry into the National Phase: General Aspects
PCT/SEM/393/10(II)EnglishEntry into National Phase: ARIPO Regional Requirements (by the Secretariat of ARIPO)
PCT/SEM/393/11EnglishEurasian Patent System and its Compatibility with the PCT
PCT/SEM/393/12EnglishA Proposed Protocol on PCT Patents
PCT/SEM/393/13EnglishARIPO's Views on the Future PCT System (by the Secretariat of ARIPO)
PCT/SEM/393/14EnglishOAPI's Views on the PCT System and its Future Development
PCT/SEM/393/15EnglishUsefulness of PCT for Industry
PCT/SEM/393/17EnglishPCT-Related CD-ROM Products
PCT/SEM/393/18EnglishSummary of Amendments of the PCT Regulations which Enter into Force in 1998
PCT/SEM/393/19EnglishBackground Information for PCT Users