World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO-GIIL Diploma Program in Advanced Studies in Intellectual Property

Date et lieu13 juin au 3 septembre 1998 (Dubaï, Emirats arabes unis)

Documents de réunion

WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/INF/1(A)EnglishProgram: Module I - Patents and Industrial Designs (June 13 to July 10, 1998)
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/INF/3EnglishModule I - List of Documents
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/1Arabic[Industrial Property Laws of Arab Countries]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/2Arabic[Patents as a Source of Information Technology]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/3Arabic[International Industrial Property Treaties Administered by WIPO and TRIPS]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/4Arabic[Enforcement and Dispute Settlement Decisions under the TRIPS Agreement]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/5Arabic[International Protection of Industrial Property under the Paris Convention and the TRIPS Agreement]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/6Arabic[Implications of the TRIPS Agreement on Arab Countries]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/7Arabic[Technology Information in Patent Documents and the Role of a Modern Industrial Property Office]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/8Arabic[Basic Notions of Industrial Property - Its Economic and Technical Importance]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/9Arabic[The Role of Customs Authorities in Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/10Arabic[The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and its Implications for Developing Countries]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/11Arabic[Legal Framework for the Transfer of Technology]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/12Arabic[Licensing of Pharmaceuticals]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/13Arabic[Intellectual Property in Accordance with the TRIPS Agreement]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/14Arabic[Prevention and Dispute Settlement under the TRIPS Agreement]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/15Arabic[Basic Notions of Industrial Property]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/17Arabic[Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Role of WIPO]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/18Arabic[Teaching of Intellectual Property in Arab Universities]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/19Arabic[International Protection of Industrial Property under the Paris Convention and the TRIPS Agreement]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/20Arabic[Modernization of Legislation and Intellectual Property Administration in Light of the TRIPS Agreement]
WIPO-GIIL/IP/DUB/98/21Arabic[Enforcement of Intellectual Property and Dispute Resolution under the TRIPS Agreement]

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