WIPO-EPO Regional Seminar on Enforcement of Patent and Trademark Rights for Judges and Officials in the Custom and Police Administrations

Date et lieu17 septembre au 19 septembre 1997 (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Thème(s)Séminaires relatifs à la propriété intellectuelle, Séminaires relatifs aux droits de propriété intellectuelle, Ateliers et séminaires

Documents de réunion

WIPO-EPO/JU/ALM/97/1EnglishBasic Notions of Industrial Property Protection and Enforcement under the Treaties Administered by WIPO; The Problem of Counterfeiting
WIPO-EPO/JU/ALM/97/2EnglishDeveloping a National IPR Enforcement Infrastructure - Ways and Means
WIPO-EPO/JU/ALM/97/3EnglishThe Role of the Judiciary in the Enforcement of Patent and Trademark Rights; Collection of Evidence, Sanctions and Assessment of Damages in Counterfeiting Cases
WIPO-EPO/JU/ALM/97/4EnglishThe Role of the United States Customs Service in the Enforcement of Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents
WIPO-EPO/JU/ALM/97/5EnglishThe Role of the Customs Authorities in the Enforcement of Patent and Trademark Rights