WIPO Seminar on the Eurasian Patent Organization

Date et lieu13 août au 14 août 1996 (Helsinki, Finlande)
Thème(s)Ateliers et séminaires

Documents de réunion

WIPO/EAPO/HEL/96/INF/1EnglishGeneral Information and Program
WIPO/EAPO/HEL/96/1EnglishStructures and Tasks of the Eurasian Patent Organization and the Eurasian Patent Office
WIPO/EAPO/HEL/96/2EnglishThe Patent Procedure under the Eurasian Patent Convention
WIPO/EAPO/HEL/96/3EnglishThe Substantive Patent Law under the Eurasian Patent Convention
WIPO/EAPO/HEL/96/4EnglishThe Interface between the Eurasian Patent Convention and the PCT
WIPO/EAPO/HEL/96/5EnglishThe Eurasian Patent Convention: Benefits for Patent Applicants and Patent Owners