WIPO-ASEAN Design Manual

Auteur(s): OMPI | Année de publication: 2018

Type de licence: La présente œuvre est cédée selon les clauses de la licence Creative Commons Paternité 3.0 IGO

DOI: English

This document is a manual which provides the technical detail of the survey questionnaire designed and implemented for the study on “Understanding the Use of Industrial Designs –the Case of Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.” It was prepared for the Project on Intellectual Property (IP) and Socio-Economic Development – Phase II, which aims to provide a better understanding of the role IDs play in business strategies in specific ASEAN Countries, and is designed to help and guide other researchers who wish to carry out a similar study in their countries of interest. The steps undertaken to mitigate the challenges and the lessons learned will hopefully inform researchers on their own endeavors.