World Intellectual Property Organization

Assemblées des États membres de l'OMPI: Cinquante-et-unième série de réunions

23 septembre au 2 octobre 2013

Déclarations générales

All statements on this page have been provided by delegations and should be checked against delivery. General statements delivered at the plenary session can be consulted at the Assemblies webcasting page. The official version of each statement is the one included in the report adopted by the Assemblies.

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A/51/AFGHANISTANStatement by AfghanistanEnglishStatement by Afghanistan, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/ALGERIAStatement by AlgeriaFrenchStatement by Algeria, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/ARIPOStatement by the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO)EnglishStatement by the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO), Document complet (pdf)
A/51/ASEANStatement by the Association of Southeast Asian NationsEnglishStatement by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/ASIAN GROUPStatement by the Asian GroupEnglishStatement by the Asian Group, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/AUSTRALIAStatement by AustraliaEnglishStatement by Australia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/AUSTRIAStatement by AustriaEnglishStatement by Austria, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/BANGLADESHStatement by BangladeshEnglishStatement by Bangladesh, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/BARBADOSStatement by BarbadosEnglishStatement by Barbados, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/BENINStatement by BeninFrenchStatement by Benin, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/BHUTANStatement by BhutanEnglishStatement by Bhutan, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/BRAZILStatement by BrazilPortugueseStatement by Brazil, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/BRUNEI DARUSSALAMStatement by Brunei DarussalamEnglishStatement by Brunei Darussalam, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/BURKINA FASOStatement by Burkina FasoFrenchStatement by Burkina Faso, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/BURUNDIStatement by BurundiFrenchStatement by Burundi, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/CACEECStatement by the Caucasian Central Asian and Eastern European CountriesRussianStatement by the Caucasian Central Asian and Eastern European Countries, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/CAMBODIAStatement by CambodiaEnglishStatement by Cambodia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/CAMEROONStatement by CameroonFrenchStatement by Cameroon, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/CANADAStatement by CanadaEnglishStatement by Canada, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/CEBSStatement by the Central European and Baltic StatesEnglishStatement by the Central European and Baltic States, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/CHILEStatement by ChileSpanishStatement by Chile, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/CHINAStatement by ChinaEnglishStatement by China, Document complet (pdf)
ChineseStatement by China, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/COLOMBIAStatement by ColombiaSpanishStatement by Colombia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/COSTA RICAStatement by Costa RicaSpanishStatement by Costa Rica, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/CROATIAStatement by CroatiaEnglishStatement by Croatia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/CôTE D’IVOIREStatement by Côte d’IvoireFrenchStatement by Côte d’Ivoire, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/CZECH REPUBLICStatement by the Czech RepublicEnglishStatement by the Czech Republic, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/DAGStatement by the Development Agenda GroupEnglishStatement by the Development Agenda Group, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/DENMARKStatement by DenmarkEnglishStatement by Denmark, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/DPR KOREAStatement by the Democratic People's Republic of KoreaEnglishStatement by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/EGYPTStatement by EgyptEnglishStatement by Egypt, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/EL SALVADORStatement by El SalvadorSpanishStatement by El Salvador, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/EQUATORIAL GUINEAStatement by Equatorial GuineaSpanishStatement by Equatorial Guinea, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/ETHIOPIAStatement by EthiopiaEnglishStatement by Ethiopia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/EUROPEAN UNIONStatement by the European UnionEnglishStatement by the European Union, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/FYR MACEDONIAStatement by the former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaEnglishStatement by the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/GAMBIAStatement by GambiaEnglishStatement by Gambia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/GEORGIAStatement by GeorgiaEnglishStatement by Georgia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/GERMANYStatement by GermanyEnglishStatement by Germany, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/GREECEStatement by GreeceEnglishStatement by Greece, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/GRULACStatement by the Group of Latin American and Caribbean StatesEnglishStatement by the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/GUATEMALAStatement by GuatemalaSpanishStatement by Guatemala, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/HOLY SEEStatement by Holy SeeEnglishStatement by Holy See, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/ICELANDStatement by IcelandEnglishStatement by Iceland, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/INDIAStatement by IndiaEnglishStatement by India, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/INDONESIAStatement by IndonesiaEnglishStatement by Indonesia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/ITALYStatement by ItalyEnglishStatement by Italy, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/JAMAICAStatement by JamaicaEnglishStatement by Jamaica, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/JAPANStatement by JapanFrenchStatement by Japan, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/KENYAStatement by KenyaEnglishStatement by Kenya, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/LEAST DEVELOPED COUNTRIESStatement by the Group of Least Developed CountriesFrenchStatement by the Group of Least Developed Countries, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/MADAGASCARStatement by MadagascarFrenchStatement by Madagascar, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/MALAYSIAStatement by MalaysiaEnglishStatement by Malaysia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/MALIStatement by MaliFrenchStatement by Mali, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/MEXICOStatement by MexicoSpanishStatement by Mexico, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/MONACOStatement by MonacoFrenchStatement by Monaco, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/MONTENEGROStatement by MontenegroEnglishStatement by Montenegro, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/MOROCCOStatement by MoroccoFrenchStatement by Morocco, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/MOZAMBIQUEStatement by MozambiqueEnglishStatement by Mozambique, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/MYANMARStatement by MyanmarFrenchStatement by Myanmar, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/NAMIBIAStatement by NamibiaEnglishStatement by Namibia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/NEPALStatement by NepalEnglishStatement by Nepal, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/NEW ZEALANDStatement by New ZealandEnglishStatement by New Zealand, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/NIGERStatement by NigerFrenchStatement by Niger, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/NORWAYStatement by NorwayEnglishStatement by Norway, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/PANAMAStatement by PanamaSpanishStatement by Panama, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/PARAGUAYStatement by ParaguaySpanishStatement by Paraguay, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/PHILIPPINESStatement by the PhilippinesEnglishStatement by the Philippines, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/POLANDStatement by PolandEnglishStatement by Poland, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/REPUBLIC OF CONGOStatement by the Republic of CongoFrenchStatement by the Republic of Congo, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/REPUBLIC OF KOREAStatement by the Republic of KoreaEnglishStatement by the Republic of Korea, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVAStatement by the Republic of MoldovaEnglishStatement by the Republic of Moldova, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/ROMANIAStatement by RomaniaEnglishStatement by Romania, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/RUSSIAN FEDERATIONStatement by the Russian FederationRussianStatement by the Russian Federation, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/RWANDAStatement by RwandaEnglishStatement by Rwanda, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/SENEGALStatement by SenegalFrenchStatement by Senegal, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/SERBIAStatement by SerbiaEnglishStatement by Serbia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/SLOVAKIAStatement by SlovakiaEnglishStatement by Slovakia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/SOUTH AFRICAStatement by South AfricaEnglishStatement by South Africa, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/SPAINStatement by SpainSpanishStatement by Spain, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/SRI LANKAStatement by Sri LankaEnglishStatement by Sri Lanka, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/SWEDENStatement by SwedenEnglishStatement by Sweden, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLICStatement by the Syrian Arab RepublicArabicStatement by the Syrian Arab Republic, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/THAILANDStatement by ThailandEnglishStatement by Thailand, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/TRINIDAD AND TOBAGOStatement by Trinidad and TobagoEnglishStatement by Trinidad and Tobago, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/TURKEYStatement by TurkeyEnglishStatement by Turkey, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/UGANDAStatement by UgandaEnglishStatement by Uganda, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/UKRAINEStatement by UkraineEnglishStatement by Ukraine, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/UNITED KINGDOMStatement by the United KingdomEnglishStatement by the United Kingdom, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIAStatement by the United Republic of TanzaniaEnglishStatement by the United Republic of Tanzania, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/UNITED STATES OF AMERICAStatement by the United States of AmericaEnglishStatement by the United States of America, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/URUGUAYStatement by UruguaySpanishStatement by Uruguay, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/VIET NAMStatement by Viet NamEnglishStatement by Viet Nam, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/YEMENStatement by YemenArabicStatement by Yemen, Document complet (docx)
A/51/ZAMBIAStatement by ZambiaEnglishStatement by Zambia, Document complet (pdf)
A/51/ZIMBABWEStatement by ZimbabweEnglishStatement by Zimbabwe, Document complet (pdf)

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