WIPO National Seminar on Recent Developments in the Field of Intellectual Property

日期和地点2002年10月20日 至 10月21日 (马斯喀特, 阿曼)
主题知识产权相关研讨会, 讲习班与研讨会


WIPO/IP/MCT/02/1EnglishElectronic Commerce and the WIPO Internet Treaties
WIPO/IP/MCT/02/2EnglishIntellectual Property, Traditional Knowledg and Genetic Resources
WIPO/IP/MCT/02/4عربي[Importance of Plant Variety Protection]
WIPO/IP/MCT/02/5EnglishNew Patentability Standards for Biotechnological Inventions - An Introduction to Economic, Trade-Related and Ethics Issues
WIPO/IP/MCT/02/6عربي[Introduction to Trademarks: Criteria for the Protection, Rights Arising from Trademarks Registration and Cases on Confusingly Similar Trademarks]
WIPO/IP/MCT/02/7EnglishThe Patent System and Access to Drugs
WIPO/IP/MCT/02/8EnglishThe Importance of Cultural Industries in the Economic Growth. The Role of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
WIPO/IP/MCT/02/9عربي[The Conflict Between Internet Domain Names and Trademarks]
WIPO/IP/MCT/02/10EnglishThe Economic Exploitation of Copyright on the Internet (with Special Attention to Collective Management of Rights)