WIPO Roving National Seminar on Industrial Property

日期和地点1998年10月14日 至 10月16日 (Nazreth, 埃塞俄比亚)
1998年10月19日 至 10月21日 (巴赫達爾, 埃塞俄比亚)
1998年10月26日 至 10月28日 (默克萊, 埃塞俄比亚)
主题知识产权相关研讨会, 工业产权相关研讨会, 讲习班与研讨会


WIPO/IP/ET/98/INF/1EnglishProvisional Program
WIPO/IP/ET/98/1EnglishDefinitions and General Aspects of Industrial Property
WIPO/IP/ET/98/2EnglishThe Legal Forms and Conditions of the Protection of Inventions: Patents
WIPO/IP/ET/98/3EnglishWho are the Inventors?
WIPO/IP/ET/98/4EnglishIndustrial Property Protection and Research and Development Investment
WIPO/IP/ET/98/5EnglishTransfer of Technology Arrangements
WIPO/IP/ET/98/6EnglishA Strategy for the Exploitation of Patented Inventions
WIPO/IP/ET/98/7EnglishHow to Encourage the Youth to be Inventive
WIPO/IP/ET/98/8EnglishEnforcement of Industrial Property Rights
WIPO/IP/ET/98/9EnglishPatent Documents as a Source of Technological Information
WIPO/IP/ET/98/10EnglishThe Industrial Property System in Ethiopia
WIPO/IP/ET/98/11EnglishThe Use and Dissemination of Technological Information Contained in Patent Documents in Ethiopia
WIPO/IP/ET/98/12EnglishAn Overview of Technological Transfer and Capacity Building: The Experience of Ethiopia