WIPO National Seminar on Copyright and Neighboring Rights

日期和地点1997年5月5日 至 5月6日 (嘉柏隆里, 博茨瓦纳)
主题版权相关研讨会, 讲习班与研讨会


WIPO/CNR/GBE/97/1EnglishIntroduction to Intellectual Property: Basic Notions of Copyright and Neighboring Rights
WIPO/CNR/GBE/97/2EnglishDevelopment and Current Status of Copyright Protection in Botswana
WIPO/CNR/GBE/97/3EnglishThe International Protection of Copyright and Neighboring Rights: Treaties Administered by WIPO
WIPO/CNR/GBE/97/4EnglishEnforcement of Copyright and Neighboring Rights under National Laws: The Experience of Developing Countries
WIPO/CNR/GBE/97/5EnglishIntroduction to Collective Management
WIPO/CNR/GBE/97/6EnglishExperience of Copyright Protection in the Southern African Development Community
WIPO/CNR/GBE/97/7EnglishSituation of Collective Management in Malawi: The COSOMA Example
WIPO/CNR/GBE/97/8EnglishCopyright and Broadcasting