WIPO Regional Conference on Technology and Innovation Support

日期和地点2010年5月19日 至 5月21日 (新加坡, 新加坡)
The aim of the Conference is to promote patent and technology information retrieval from databases to reduce the knowledge gap in developing and least-developed countries of the Asia and Pacific region, demonstrate the practical advantages of using IP information, as well as support the establishment of a regional network of technology and innovation support centers to increase the capacity to manage and use intellectual property (IP) in the countries concerned.


WIPO/IP/SIN/10/INF/1 PROV.EnglishProvisional ProgramProvisional Program, 完整文件 (doc) Provisional Program, 完整文件 (pdf)


WIPO/IP/SIN/10/WWW/218503EnglishReducing great disparities in scientific resourcesReducing great disparities in scientific resources, 完整文件 (ppt)
WIPO/IP/SIN/10/WWW/218523EnglishProviding Training and Capacity Building. The European Patent Academy Providing Training and Capacity Building. The European Patent Academy , 完整文件 (ppt)
WIPO/IP/SIN/10/WWW/218544EnglishUS Patent and Trademarks Depository. Library ProgramUS Patent and Trademarks Depository. Library Program, 完整文件 (ppt)
WIPO/IP/SIN/10/WWW/218562EnglishThe PATLIB (Patent Library) Network in EuropeThe PATLIB (Patent Library) Network in Europe, 完整文件 (ppt)
WIPO/IP/SIN/10/WWW/218563EnglishOverview of Commercial Patent DatabasesOverview of Commercial Patent Databases, 完整文件 (ppt)