Information Meeting on Developments in Broadcasting

Индекс заседания SCCR/IM/GE/09
Дата и место проведения25 мая 2009 г. (Женева, Швейцария)
Тема (-ы)Постоянный комитет по авторскому праву и смежным правам (ПКАП), Вещание, Практикумы и семинары
This meeting will consist of presentations from international experts on the current conditions of the broadcasting environment with special reference to developing countries and least developed countries.
Invitations: All States members of WIPO and/or the Berne Union, other States, the European Community; and as Permanent Observer and ad hoc observer organizations, certain organizations.

Документы заседания

ИндексНазвание(-я)Файл (-ы)
SCCR/IM/GE/09/1 PROV.EnglishProvisional ProgramProvisional Program, Полная версия документа (doc) Provisional Program, Полная версия документа (pdf)
FrançaisProgramme provisoireProgramme provisoire, Полная версия документа (doc) Programme provisoire, Полная версия документа (pdf)
EspañolPrograma provisional Programa provisional , Полная версия документа (doc) Programa provisional , Полная версия документа (pdf)

Другие документы по теме

Название(-я)Файл (-ы)
SCCR/IM/GE/09/PRESENTATION2EnglishDevelopments in Broadcasting: An Indian ProspectiveDevelopments in Broadcasting: An Indian Prospective, Полная версия документа (ppt)
SCCR/IM/GE/09/PRESENTATION3EnglishDevelopments in Broadcasting
SCCR/IM/GE/09/PRESENTATION4EnglishDevelopments in Broadcasting TechnologiesDevelopments in Broadcasting Technologies, Полная версия документа (ppt)
SCCR/IM/GE/09/PRESENTATION5EnglishTechnological Developments in the Broadcasting Industry: The Perspective of Developing CountriesTechnological Developments in the Broadcasting Industry: The Perspective of Developing Countries, Полная версия документа (ppt)
SCCR/IM/GE/09/PRESENTATION6EnglishBroadcasting and Development
SCCR/IM/GE/09/PRESENTATION7EnglishSports Broadcast PiracySports Broadcast Piracy, Полная версия документа (ppt)
SCCR/IM/GE/09/PRESENTATION8EnglishThe Production of Broadcasts and Remuneration of Rights: A Business PerspectiveThe Production of Broadcasts and Remuneration of Rights: A Business Perspective, Полная версия документа (ppt)
SCCR/IM/GE/09/PRESENTATION9EnglishBroadcasting and GovernanceBroadcasting and Governance, Полная версия документа (ppt)
SCCR/IM/GE/09/PRESENTATION10EnglishBroadcasting and the Public InterestBroadcasting and the Public Interest, Полная версия документа (ppt)
SCCR/IM/GE/09/PRESENTATION11EnglishBroadcast Infringements: Case StudiesBroadcast Infringements: Case Studies, Полная версия документа (ppt)