Workshop on the Introduction of the Copyright and Related Rights Act of Zanzibar and on Collective Management of Copyright for the Creative Community and Retreat for Members of the Zanzibar House of Representatives

رمز الاجتماعWIPO/CCM/ZNZ/04
الزمان والمكان24 يونيو إلى 26 يونيو 2004 (زنجبار, جمهورية تنزانيا المتحدة)
الصفحة المخصصةالندوات المتعلقة بحق المؤلف, الإدارة الجماعية لحق المؤلف, الندوات وحلقات العمل

وثائق الاجتماع

WIPO/CCM/ZNZ/04/INF/1 PROV.EnglishProvisional Program
WIPO/CCM/ZNZ/04/1EnglishIntroduction to Copyright and Related Rights: Historical Background and Current Trends
WIPO/CCM/ZNZ/04/3EnglishThe Copyright and Related Rights Law of Tanzania (Mainland): Salient Features and Challenges of its Implementation within the Union Set-up
WIPO/CCM/ZNZ/04/6EnglishModalities and Prerequisites of Setting up a Collective Management Society and the Challenges of Rights Management in One Country with Two Jurisdictions
WIPO/CCM/ZNZ/04/7EnglishCollective Management of Copyright as a Tool for Wealth Generation: The Experience of the Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA)