The Role of Border Measures in IP Enforcement

Индекс заседания WIPO/WEBINAR/RESPECTFOR IP/2022/3
Дата и место проведения29 июля 2022 г. Виртуально
Время сессии13:00 - 14:00 Время: Женева (Английский)
Тема (-ы)Вебинары, Вебинары по вопросам уважения ИС
This webinar will address the role of customs authorities and border measures in the effective enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPRs). IPR infringing goods, and especially counterfeit trademark and pirated copyright goods, harm the economy of the country of destination and threaten the health, security and safety of its population. The detection of IPR infringing goods originating from abroad, and suspending their release into free circulation at the point of entry is therefore crucial. The session will also present IP border enforcement from an international perspective, specifically focusing on international cooperation among customs authorities.

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WIPO/WEBINAR/RESPECTFOR IP/2022/3/WWW/579611EnglishIP Enforcement at the border - a national perspectiveIP Enforcement at the border - a national perspective, Video 1 (video)
WIPO/WEBINAR/RESPECTFOR IP/2022/3/WWW/579612EnglishInternational cooperation among customs authoritiesInternational cooperation among customs authorities, Video 1 (video)

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WIPO/WEBINAR/RESPECTFOR IP/2022/3/WWW/579411EnglishProfile of speakersProfile of speakers, Полная версия документа (pdf)