Rajiv Garg
Rajiv Garg Director CTCN

Rajiv Garg, Director of the CTCN
Professor Mahmoud M. Sakr, ASRT President

COP28 is expected to conclude significant work on several long-awaited deliverables. They include decisions on a global adaptation goal, the specifics of a loss and damage finance facility, the closing of the substantial emissions gap, and expediting the transition to clean energy and a just transition. And technology plays a pivotal role in enabling climate action to address every one of these challenges.

Technology and innovation are imperative in addressing a wide range of factors associated with building sustainable cities, improving agricultural production and transforming food systems, and decarbonizing the steel and cement sectors etc.

Like no other organization, the CTCN Secretariat supports all aspects of technology innovation through providing technical assistance, fostering capacity building and facilitating knowledge sharing. At COP27, the CTCN launched its 3rd Programme of Work, highlighting the transformative potential of national system innovation and digitalization as key drivers of technology development and transfer.

The CTCN has maintained a longstanding partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It is not surprising that for this 2023 edition of the Green Technology Book, the CTCN has contributed to raising awareness about the diverse range of technologies available today, some of which are truly remarkable and accessible to all. Each year, the Green Technology Book sets out to demonstrate that solutions for climate-friendly technology do exist – the next step is a commitment to their implementation. This book is a practical guide for innovators, industry, researchers and agencies, and raises awareness of the technology solutions available for implementation by developing countries.

We at the CTCN express our gratitude and greatly appreciate our ongoing collaboration with WIPO, as together we continue to explore and showcase novel green technology climate solutions from around the world.

Rajiv Garg
CTCN Director

Prof. Mahmoud M. Sakr
Prof. Mahmoud M. Sakr President ASRT

The World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) initiative to publish the Green Technology Book of those green technologies that could offer technological solutions to pressing challenges and accelerate efforts to mitigate climate change and foster sustainable development in the face of today's multiple global crises is critical.  Egypt – one of the southern hemisphere countries most adversely affected by climate change and classified as one of the most vulnerable – is proud to support this initiative and has been firmly committed to its success since it was first announced jointly by WIPO, CTCN and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) at COP 27 in Sharm El Sheik.

We invite all WIPO Member States to offer their locally available green technology and inventions for inclusion in the WIPO GREEN Database of needs and technologies for the mutual benefit of humanity. Knowledge sharing and exchange is one of the most powerful drivers in the fight against climate change.

This initiative will accelerate technology transfer, and encourage knowledge and experience to be relayed from developed to developing countries and vice versa. Such a transfer can assist developing countries in rapidly transitioning away from traditional, carbon-intensive development paths and toward cleaner, more sustainable technologies. In parallel, it will accelerate green patent technology diffusion and market expansion, allowing businesses to enter new markets and extend their client base. This should encourage private-sector investment in green technology research and development, and ultimately spur additional innovation.

Last but by no means least, making green technology and patent databases available and accessible to all is a human right and a main goal of the UNESCO Open Science initiative.

Thank you to WIPO and all of the Partners involved in this endeavor.

Professor Mahmoud M. Sakr
ASRT President