This second edition of WIPO’s Green Technology Book is a testament to the collective efforts of innovators paving the way for a more climate-friendly future. From research labs to households, from local communities to global partnerships, the pages that follow celebrate the scope of solutions that form the technological blueprint for reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The book was prepared under the general auspices of WIPO Director General Daren Tang, and the Global Challenges and Partnerships Sector led by Assistant Director General Edward Kwakwa, as well as the Global Challenges Division led by Director Amy Dietterich.

Special thanks go to our partners at the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), represented by Director Rajiv Garg (ad interim) and the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) represented by Prof. Mahmoud M. Sakr (President) for their vision, collaboration and continued dedication.

The Green Technology Book is an initiative under WIPO GREEN. It was conceived and led by Peter Oksen, Green Technology and Research Manager, who also acted as editor and co-writer. Shanar Tabrizi, Climate Technology Expert, is the main writer and co-editor of the book. Faisal Alenazi, Morven MacEwen, Clara Danbakli and Emma Francis supported the identification and management of technologies in the WIPO GREEN Database and Morven also contributed to the writing. Antonio Di Giamberardino (Solutions Design and Delivery Section ) developed the GTB database collection. Other WIPO GREEN staff contributed important support, namely: Rishab Raturi, Sabrina de Souza Herzog, Anja von der Ropp, Tatiana Hartop, Christy Nomura and Minna Guigon-Sell.

We extend our gratitude to Charlotte Beauchamp (Head) and Edwin Hassink (Graphics Designer) from WIPO Publications and Design Section for their meticulous work on the layout and design. Vanessa Harwood and Book Now Ltd. ensured the language was refined to a professional standard.

We also thank the team that made the digital iteration of this book come to life, namely: Dan Savu (Head) and Javier Aguilar López, both WIPO Solutions Design and Delivery Section, Virginie Roux and Spencer Cabildo, Web Communications Section and Daniel Pradilla, WIPO IP Portal team. Edward Harris, Senior Media Officer of the News and Media Division, helped us communicate our message effectively. The Language Division led by Mr. Lijun Fan provided translation expertise, extending our messages to a broader audience.

Our gratitude also extends to the invaluable contributions of the WIPO GREEN reference group, hailing from within WIPO and beyond, that helped us steer the Green Technology Book in the right direction. This cohort of experts and dedicated colleagues included: Amy Dietterich (Director, Global Challenges Division), Andrew Czajkowski (Director, Technology and Innovation Support Division), Carsten Fink (Chief Economist, Department for Economics and Data Analytics), Kevin Fitzgerald (Director, Information and Digital Outreach Division), Walid Abdelnasser (Director, Division for Arab Countries), Edward Harris (Senior Media Officer, News and Media Division), Charlotte Beauchamp (Head, Publications and Design Section), Victor Owade (Counsellor, WIPO Academy), Dan Savu (Head, Solutions Design and Delivery Section), Christopher Harrison (Patent Analytics Manager, Technology and Innovation Support Division), Rajiv Garg (Director ad interim, CTCN), Cristina Comunian (Communications Specialist, CTCN), and Anastasiia Tiurmenko (Communications Specialist, CTCN).

A distinguished assembly of experts graciously offered their time and expertise to review various segments of this publication, thereby making a profound impact on the publication’s quality. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the following individuals:

Rajiv Garg, Regional Manager and ad interim Director, UN Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) Yoann Le Petit, Thought Leadership Manager, European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Urban Mobility
Tim Collins, Secretary-General, World Stainless Association Dietram Oppelt, Advisor, NDE Germany
Andrew Purvis, Director Sustainable Manufacturing, World Steel Association Dr. Romanas Savickas, Senior Advisor, UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre
Åsa Ekdahl, Head, Environment and Climate Change, World Steel Association Santiago Hughes, Business Developer, Field Intelligence Energy
Felipe Sanchez, Analyst, Leadership Group for Industrial Transition (LeadIT) Secretariat Gregory Kohler, PhD, Agriculture Expert, Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)
Mahdi Shakouri, Industrial Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization Expert, Gen0 Francesco Carnevale Zampaolo, Programme Director, SRI-2030
Dr. Rosie McDonald, Climate Change Officer, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Nikola Trendov, Digital Agriculture and Innovation Specialist, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Piotr Barczak, Circular Economy Program Manager at the African Circular Economy Network Foundation, Council Member at the European Environmental Bureau Mikael Andersen, Product Specialist, Brøns Group AB
Elisabeth Resch, Senior Advisor, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Copenhagen Climate Centre