AC air conditioner
AI artificial intelligence
AM additive manufacturing
ASRT Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
AWD alternate wetting and drying
BF-BOF blast furnace-basic oxygen furnace
BIM building information modeling
BRT bus rapid transit
CCS carbon capture and storage
CCU carbon capture and utilization
CCUS carbon capture, utilization and storage
CDR carbon dioxide removal
CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
CHF combined heat and power
CO2 carbon dioxide
CO2eq CO2 equivalent
CO2eq/yr CO2 equivalent per year
CSA climate-smart agriculture
CSS carbon capture and storage
CTCN Climate Technology Centre & Network
DRI direct reduced iron
EAF electric arc furnace
EO Earth observation
ERC Emission Reduction Credit
EU European Union
GDP gross domestic product
GHG greenhouse gas
GIS geographical information system
GPS global positioning system
GtCO2eq/yr gigatonne CO2 equivalent per year
GWP global warming potential
HFC hydrofluorocarbon
HTL hydrothermal liquefaction
HVAC heating, ventilation and air conditioning
ICT information and communications technology
IGO intergovernmental organization
IoT internet of things
IP intellectual property
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IT information technology
MBT mechanical biological treatment
MOE molten oxide electrolysis
NSI national system of Innovation
PV photovoltaics
R&D research and development
RFID radio frequency identification
SRI System of Rice Intensification
TLR Technology Readiness Level