World Intellectual Property Report 2024


This World Intellectual Property Report 2024 was developed under the general direction of Daren Tang (Director General) and Marco Alemán (Assistant Director General). The report was supervised by Carsten Fink (Chief Economist) and prepared by a team led by Julio Raffo (Head of Innovation Economy Section). The team included Intan Hamdan-Livramento (Senior Economist), Maryam Zehtabchi (Economist), Federico Moscatelli (Fellow) and Prince Oguguo (Young Expert Program), all from WIPO’s Department for Economics and Data Analytics (DEDA), Innovation Economy Section (IES).

The report drew on various commissioned background papers:

Chapter 1 and 2: A team from The Growth Lab of the Center for International Development in the Harvard Kennedy School provided background research on “Innovation Policies Under Economic Complexity” and “Global Trends in Innovation Patterns: A Complexity Approach.” The team was led by Prof. Ricardo Hausmann and included Muhammed A. Yildirim, Christian Chacua, Matte Hartog and Shreyas Gadgin Matha.

Chapter 3: Gregory D. Graff provided background research on “Innovation Complexity in AgTech: The Case of Brazil, Kenya and the United States.”

Chapter 4: Paolo Aversa (Kings College London) provided the background research on “The Evolution of the Two-Wheeler Industry: A Comparative Study of Italy, Japan, and India.”

Chapter 5: Hakan Özalp (Amsterdam Business School) provided background research on “Heterogeneous Development Paths to Growth and Innovation: The Evolution of the Video Game Industry across Four Hubs.”

The report team benefited greatly from external reviews and comments. Ron Boschma (Utrecht University) provided comments and feedback on all the report chapters. In addition, reviews of the background papers were provided by Debisi Araba (Imperial College London), Lee G. Branstetter (Carnegie Mellon University), Min Liu (Durham University), Andrea Morrison (University of Pavia), and Nicola Searle (University of London).

Several experts provided valuable inputs and comments in the preparation of the report, including Elodie Carpentier (WIPO), Alexander Cuntz (WIPO), Alica Daly (WIPO), Aida Dolotbaeva (WIPO), Christopher Harrison (WIPO), Eduardo Hernandez Rodríguez (Utretch University), Kensuke Hirota (WIPO), Nicolas Hoibian (WIPO), Sergio Martínez Cotto (WIPO), Thiago Negrao Chuba (WIPO), Leontino Rezende Taveira (UPOV), Clement Sternberger (WIPO), and Erdem Dogukan Yilmaz (Rotterdam School of Management).

Samiah Do Carmo Figueiredo and Jovana Stojanović provided valuable administrative support.

Special thanks go to a group of colleagues across WIPO who volunteered their experience and valuable advice for which the report benefitted greatly. The group included Charlotte Beauchamp, María De Icaza, Marie Gendron, Vanessa Hardwood, Edward Harris, Catherine Jewell, Karen Lee, Virginie Roux, Samar Shamoon, and Fabio Weissert.

Finally, gratitude is due to editorial and design colleagues in the Publications and Design Section for leading the production of the report and to James Nurton for his editing work. The WIPO Knowledge Center provided helpful research support throughout the report’s development and the Printing Plant provided high-quality printing services.