The Green Technology Book 2022 is the product of many dedicated contributors – from technology providers to experts in the field.

The book was prepared under the general auspices of Director General Daren Tang and WIPO’s Global Challenges and Partnerships Sector led by Assistant Director General Edward Kwakwa, as well as the Global Challenges Division led by Director Amy Dietterich.

Special thanks go to our partners at the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), represented by Dr. Rose Mwebaza (Director) and the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) represented by Prof. Mahmoud M. Sakr (President) for their partnership, vision and contribution.

The Green Technology Book is an initiative under WIPO GREEN. It was conceived and led by Peter Oksen, Green Technology and Research Manager, who also acted as editor and writer. However, acknowledgement for the majority of the writing goes to Shanar Tabrizi, Climate Technology Expert and Lead-writer. Jeremy Rutman (CEO) helped in the search for technologies. Other WIPO GREEN staff contributed important elements, namely: Anja von der Ropp, Senior Program Coordinator, as well as Dmitry Kalinin, Nivedita Saksena Raj, Didier Georges, Minna Guigon-Sell and Cherise Trotman.

We thank Charlotte Beauchamp (Head) and Edwin Hassink (Graphics Designer) from WIPO Publications and Design Section for the layout and design work. Vanessa Harwood from the same section and Book Now Ltd provided professional language revision. We also thank the team that made the digital version of the book come to life, namely: Dan Savu (Head) and Javier Agilar Lopez, both WIPO Solutions Design and Delivery Section, Andy Donald (Vanishing Point), and Virginie Roux and Spencer Cabildo, Web Communications Section. Bénédicte Delrieu and Mathilde Hemar from the Customer Experience Section facilitated the climate change impact survey. Edward Harris (Senior Media Officer) News and Media Division provided communication support. The Language Division led by Mr. Lijun Fan provided translation.

A group of colleagues from across WIPO and beyond volunteered their experience and valuable advice for which we are deeply grateful. The group includes Amy Dietterich (Director, Global Challenges Division), Andrew Czajkowski (Director, Technology and Innovation Support Division); Carsten Fink (Chief Economist, Department for Economics and Data Analytics), Kevin Fitzgerald (Director, Information and Digital Outreach Division); Walid Abdelnasser (Director, Division for Arab Countries); Aurea Plana (Assoc. Legal Officer, Madrid Legal Division); Edward Harris (Senior Media Officer, News and Media Division), Charlotte Beauchamp (Head, Publications and Design Section), Victor Owade (External Relations and Partnerships Officer, External Relations Division), Rajiv Garg (Regional Manager, CTCN) and Heather Jacobs (Knowledge and Research Specialist, CTCN).

A distinguished group of experts kindly agreed to review various sections of the publication and in doing so significantly improved the quality of the book. They include:

UN Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN):

  • Heather Jacobs, Knowledge and Research Specialist
  • Rajiv Garg, Regional Manager

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD): Fanny Minjauw, Environment and Climate Monitoring and Results Specialist

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI): Jason Sircely, Senior Scientist

Heinrich Böll Stiftung: Liane Schalatek, Associate Director

UNIDO: Patrick Nussbaumer, SDG Innovation and Economic Transformation, Innovative Finance and International Financial Institutions, United Nations Industrial Development organization (UNIDO)

UNEP–DHI Centre: Maija Bertule, Senior Technical Advisor

UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre:

  • Fatemeh Bakhtiari, Senior Researcher
  • Jay Sterling Gregg, Senior Researcher
  • Lindy C. Charlery, Advisor
  • Susanne Konrad, Project Officer
  • Talat Munshi, Senior Advisor
  • Zhuolun Chen, Senior Advisor


  • András Jókúti, Director, Patents and Technology Law Division
  • Carsten Fink, Chief Economist, Department for Economics and Data Analytics
  • Edward Harris, Senior Media Officer, News and Media Division
  • Shakeel Thomas Bhatti, Counsellor, Traditional Knowledge Division
  • Andrew Czajkowski, Director, Technology and Innovation Support Division

We sincerely thank all the organizations and technology providers making their solutions available to the world. Without them there would be no book.