WIPO’s Newest Digital Service, WIPO PROOF, Already Serves Customers From 117 Member States

September 24, 2020

In less than 4 months, WIPO’s latest service providing valuable proof of existence for intellectual assets has shown encouraging acceptance by the innovation and creative community in more than 100  member states: As of September 15, customers from 117 member states have signed on and registered with WIPO PROOF.  Mexico, Switzerland, Spain, the Russian Federation and France are currently the top 5 countries for WIPO PROOF, with customers from the US, India, Italy, Brazil and the United Kingdom rounding out the top 10.


WIPO PROOF provides an easy and reliable way to help establish proof of existence at a specific point in time. The service is affordable, with an entry price point of CHF 20 per WIPO PROOF token, enabling inventors and creators – whether individuals or enterprises – to benefit from a service backed by and branded WIPO, the world’s leading authority on intellectual property.

WIPO PROOF  is currently available in 8 languages -- English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Japanese, and Portuguese.  WIPO PROOF will be available in Arabic and Korean by the end of October.


On 27 May 2020, WIPO launched WIPO PROOF, a new online business service for innovators in any industry. WIPO PROOF provides a digital notary type service, creating a date-and-time stamped fingerprint of a digital file, called a WIPO PROOF token.  WIPO PROOF produces tamper-proof evidence that the digital file of your intellectual asset existed at a specific point in time, and that it has not been altered since then.

WIPO PROOF offers a trusted, cost‑effective and efficient service worldwide, helping innovators and creators safeguard the many outputs of their work on the journey from concept to development to commercialization, whether or not it eventually becomes a formally protected intellectual property right, such as a patent. Using industry-leading secure technology, WIPO PROOF allows you to safeguard -- at every step of the process -- research results and large data sets or any business record which could lead to a new product or technology.  The WIPO PROOF service is offered at very accessible pricing ranging from CHF 20 for a single token, to significantly discounted prices when purchased in pre-paid bundles. This is useful for those who need to safeguard large numbers of files.

Examples of uses are described on the WIPO PROOF website. WIPO PROOF tokens are stored securely on servers in Switzerland, using the same high standards of security that support all of WIPO’s IP services. WIPO PROOF tokens may be used as evidence to establish prior existence and possession of that asset. This can help to prevent misuse and misappropriation, and to provide evidence if disputes should arise. For more information about WIPO PROOF, including information on how it works, please visit the WIPO PROOF website.