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Industrial Property Code (approved by Decree-Law No. 110/2018 of December 10, 2018)

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Year of Version 2019 Dates Entry into force: July 1, 2019 Published: December 10, 2018 Promulgated: December 7, 2018 Type of Text Main IP Laws   Subject Matter Patents (Inventions), Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Trade Names, Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits, Undisclosed Information (Trade Secrets) Subject Matter (secondary) Competition, Plant Variety Protection, Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, Genetic Resources, IP Regulatory Body Notes The Industrial Property Code entered into force on July 1, 2019, except for Articles 313 to 315 under Chapter II relating to the protection of trade secrets, which entered into force on January 1, 2019 (see Article 16 under Chapter IV on Final Provisions of Decree-Law No. 110/2018, on Approval of the Industrial Property Code, which is found before this Code).

Available Texts Main text(s) Main text(s) Portuguese Código da Propiedade Industrial (aprovado pelo Decreto-Lei n.º 110/2018 de 10 de dezembro de 2018) PDF HTML
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Industrial Property Code (approved by Decree-Law No. 110/2018 of December 10, 2018, and amended by Decree-Law No. 9/2021 of January 29, 2021) (PT194)

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